Monday, January 9, 2012

Gift Box For Your Valentine

I'm not sure what it is about wrapping gifts...but I love it! My friends will laugh because as kids we used to have a party to wrap all of our presents before Christmas and mine were always the wonkiest, most awkward looking packages. I used to be the person that thought wrapping gifts was useless because it was only going to be ripped off the present later.

These days however, I love the sweet feeling of accomplishment when I watch someone open a gift that I have wrapped! And there is a certain kind of satisfaction when you see a beautifully wrapped package sitting there, just waiting to be opened. That is why I know love to experiment with different methods of presenting gifts. Who knew there were so many cute and creative ways to wrap presents? Not me. In fact, if you follow us on Pinterest, you can find our fun board of gift wrap ideas.

And speaking of gift wrap!
That brings me to the exciting new addition to our shop - Valentine's Day gift boxes!

Each box is hand folded from 8 different sheets of paper and are perfect for treats, love notes, or whatever! There are two different styles in the shop: plain white and book pages. The book pages listing has even been listed in a beautiful treasury that you can see here!

What do you think of our Valentine's Day boxes? What about wrapping presents in general? A thankless chore or a creative outlet?

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