Monday, January 30, 2012

Make it Monday - Woven Baskets

You wouldn't be able to tell if you walked into my house right now, but I don't like clutter. I like it when everything has a place and is in some semblance of order. However, life is not always accommodating. Therefore, I resort to my go-to clutter bustin' technique - baskets! With a basket, I can still have my organized piles of disorderly whatnot and it still looks alright. But where to find the right basket to fit my shelves?

(shelves with unwanted clutter)

Then it hit me. I can just make them! Newspapers and magazines make up a good chunk of the clutter piles around the house so I put them to good use and upcycled them into woven baskets.

Supplies needed:
  • old newspaper or magazines
  • glue or a stapler (I used a combo of both)
  • old cardboard to reenforce the sides of the finished basket (optional)

You can find a great tutorial for these here. I plan to make one for each cubby of that there shelf. Have some extra magazines or newspaper laying around? Whip one of these up! They are fun and easy and make organizing a synch.


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